Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Countdown Challenge, Day 10

Today wasn't the greatest for accomplishing Christmas tasks, but a few small things got done:

* I sent a few Christmas cards.

* I hung a rag garland and a paper-bag gingerbread man over my kitchen sink.

* My hubby and I moved some furniture around in anticipation of a new-to-us hutch we are buying from friends.

* We also moved the hutch tonight. I am going to start by displaying my manger scene on the lower shelf of the top part, and putting my Christmas dishes in the cupboard part. My large set of Christmas dishes is a winter design (not Christmas only) and I could use them all winter if I had a place to put them. Now I do!

* For tonight, I displayed a couple of Gooseberry Patch Christmas cookbooks on the upper shelves.

* I made a fairly comprehensive list of gifts yet to buy, as we hope to spend most of tomorrow Christmas shopping.

* I baked 10 mini Golden Apricot Fruitcakes this afternoon -- more "neighbor gifts".

* I did a tiny bit of work on the cookbook I'm making.

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