Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Countdown Challenge, Day 4

Today was quite a productive day! Although our cookie decorating/baking couldn't happen due to a sick granddaughter, it was really just as well -- when I turned on my oven this evening (for the first time all day) it was deader than a doornail. The electronic igniter had died -- again. This has happened so many times we could have bought a new stove with the money we've spent on igniters. Fortunately, we had one on hand -- my husband prudently ordered two the last time this happened.

Here's what I accomplished today:

* Made Heavenly Delight (fudge)

* Made Almond Brittle (and destroyed a glass bowl in the process)

* Wrapped up and labeled all of my tea-sized breads and cakes for gift-giving

* Put together 3 gift bags/baskets

* Finished sewing 4 foldable fabric baskets

* Did the last of the Christmas shopping tonight

* Did a lot more planning toward Christmas dinner, breakfast, etc.

Hope others have also enjoyed a productive day!

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