Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our Christmas Tree

Perhaps others might enjoy seeing our beautiful Christmas tree! Mr. T cut it at a local tree farm for only $20! We have been very pleased with it, although at first I despaired at the thought of finding a place to put such a full tree. Mr. T did almost all of the tree trimming himself this year while I was occupied with other pursuits.

In the background you can just see my snowflake/icicle garland above the picture window. To the left of the tree you can glimpse a decorative Christmas stocking made from one of Mr. T's worn-out work socks, patched and embellished by me. There's another to the right of the tree, but it doesn't show. Last year I gave each of our children and their families some of these embellished socks -- a different sort of "family heirloom", for sure!

We also added -- though I don't think it's in this photo -- my lighted Christmas "village" around the base of the tree. All in all, it made for a very lovely tree and we are continuing to enjoy it. We put our tree up late and usually leave it up for a couple of weeks after Christmas.

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