Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas Countdown Challenge, Day 23

Today wasn't a total washout as far as Christmas preparations go, but I didn't accomplish much.

* I pinned together the pieces for another fabric basket, and got the ribbon ties pinned in place. So that's another ready to stitch.

* I turned a reversible Christmas flannel throw I have in the living room from the plain dark green side to the Christmas print side.

* I put out one of my favorite Christmas kitchen decor items -- an old potato masher with a worn white-painted wooden handle (which I've tied a strip of red/green plaid homespun around in a bow). Then I lean an old, worn Christmas-tree cookie cutter with a faded green handle up against the masher. I have it on a window sill.

* I put a Christmas centerpiece on the dining room table -- it'll probably change over the next few weeks, but it's a red metal bowl full of cookie cutters sitting on a red/cream doily atop a green Christmas print bandanna. I have red/green homespun mats with a Christmas tree/star motif woven in.

* I managed to get a few large items out of the freezer to make some room for Christmas baked goods.

Other than that, my day was taken up with other projects like finishing my Sunday School lesson, cleaning the church, and getting my food items ready for tomorrow's potluck.

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