Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gift packaging idea for flour-sack towels

As I know that some of my readers are making the embroidered flour-sack dish towels in sets for gifts, I thought I would share the way I have packaged mine. One way that would work very nicely is to simply stack them and tie with a nice ribbon -- not a narrow ribbon, but something at least 3/4-inch wide that will hold them together and keep the stack of folded towels together neatly.

But what I have done is to save the sturdy clear plastic boxes that some baby spinach and other fancy greens are packaged in. The greens are usually packed in plastic bags inside these boxes, so except for the label, the box is pristine and ready to use. And I don’t bother trying to remove the label. I have made up a label of my own to place over it with double-stick tape. Feel free to borrow the label (it’s at the top of this post) or use my idea to make one of your own.

I then stack the folded towels, tied with a ribbon, inside the box, along with a dishcloth or two, and close the lid. Simple and quite pretty!

Hope this idea is helpful to someone...


  1. Hi Mrs. T,
    I have admired embroidered flour sack towels but wonder are they just for show or can you actually use them? How do they wash up?
    I love needlework, and would like to try my hand at them.
    Have a blessed day

  2. Hi Niki,

    Actually, they can be either just for show or for actually use -- or they can be both!! I made a set for my daughter and she uses them all the time. I have used hers to dry dishes when I've been at her house, and they do dry dishes beautifully. They wash up just fine. I suppose one might want to press them, not sure.

    Before I give them away, I always machine-wash and line-dry them, then press and fold them. They always come out of the washing machine just fine.

    Hope this helps!

    God bless,

  3. What a great idea.....

  4. Hi Deby,

    Glad you like the idea... thanks for stopping in!

    God bless,


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