Saturday, September 29, 2007

Could you please repeat the question?

I seldom post on political subjects, but this was just too funny not to share! The incident in question happened a few weeks ago.

One evening around 6:30 or so, the phone rang. I answered it.

Me: Hello?

Them: (Silence)

Me: Hello?

Them: Good evening, ma’am, my name is Angela [my made up name] with XYZ Research [also my made up name]. I’d like to ask you a few questions concerning important issues that folks in your community are talking about.

Me: Okay. (After all, I’m always complaining that these researchers never ask me for my opinion when they take these polls.)

Them: First of all I need to ascertain that you are over 18 years of age and that you are a registered voter.

So I admit to this, then we go through a few more questions. Am I, or have I ever been, employed by a newspaper, or a TV or radio station? Do I hold, or have I ever held, any kind of public office, even at a local level?

Next, Angela asks what county I am registered to vote in. I tell her. She next inquires if I am registered as a Republican, Democratic, or independent voter.

Me: Republican.

Them: Okay, that’s all the questions I have for you today. Thank you very much!

The next day, around 2 in the afternoon, the phone rings again.

Me: Hello?

Them: (silence)

Me: Hello?

Them: Good afternoon, ma’am, my name is Tanya [my made up name] with XYZ Research [also my made up name]. I’d like to ask you a few questions concerning important issues that folks in your community are talking about.

Me: Well, I think I got a call from you folks yesterday. Would you want me to answer the same questions a second time? (Innocently thinking this would not make for very accurate research)

Them: Oh no, ma’am, I don’t think that could have been from us. It was probably a telemarketer. Would you be willing to answer a few questions?

Me: Okay, but...

So Tanya proceeds to ask me the same exact questions that Angela had asked the previous evening. And again, when we get to the question about whether I am registered as a Republican, Democrat, or Independent voter, Tanya is suddenly finished with her questions.

Now, I’m not employed by a research firm. But I find I can come to only one of two possible conclusions:

1) My employment history and my political affiliation are among the important issues folks in my community are talking about;


2) XYZ Research does not want to get the opinions of Republicans.

Which conclusion would you have reached?


  1. Obviously these polls are "fixed". That is why the results cannot be trusted at all. Coming from the liberal state of VT, we know all about these polls. It's sad that these are not approached with more accuracy and honesty. The humor comes in when it's so obvious that they only want to hear from the liberal population. *Sigh*

  2. Good one!!!!I donot trust those polls. I am at Daisy Bouquet

  3. I would guess if you said Democrat...they would have had you on for a bit longer..just my guess, though

  4. Hi ladies!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! It really is very sad to think that many polls are carried out in such a biased, unprofessional way.

    Deby, I had the very same thought! I was so tempted to say "Democrat" on the second call, just to see what would happen, but just couldn't lie about it... I think it's pretty likely, though, that they would have had a few more questions for me.

    Have a great day, everyone!

  5. true and going on today. Most polls are skewed by taking more Democrat responses. One should always pay attention to that fact. It's why I put very little stock in polls.

    1. Very, very interesting, isn't it? And so sad ... as well as so obvious. These folks must think people very stupid not to see through their "polling" tactics.


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