Friday, September 14, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday for September 14

This has been a real “work in progress” week. I have worked some on sewing the apron, some on putting together a cookbook for a gift, some on crocheting a dishcloth and embroidering a dish towel (not to mention decluttering my fabric totes and washing up a bunch of fabric) but I cannot point to any one project and say it is finished. So I’m just going to show a couple of my works-in-progress.

Here is my cookbook so far -- just a decorated binder, a stack of recipe pages -- some decorated, some not -- and a bunch of magazine cut-outs to use to decorate the pages before putting them in page protectors.

And this is the cross-stitch sampler I’m working on for myself. I started this on our train trip last year. No pressure to get it done. I will occasionally work on this in the evenings to relax.

Hope others have had a more productive week than I! If you’ve accomplished some crafting this week-- even a work in progress, then do head on over to Shereen’s blog and get in on Sew Crafty Friday! We would love to have some other ladies join in the fun.

Looking forward to finishing some of these projects in the coming week!


  1. The binder is surely going to be an heirloom, and that cross-stitch sampler is wonderful!

  2. I love the cookbook idea! I have had something similar stirring, yours is absolutely wonderful! I look forward to seeing more of it!

    I think that the only way to do cross-stitching is to not be in a hurry for it to be completed! lol :o) It looks like you have *alot* of hours into yours! The design is wonderful too! Will it go into your kitchen?

    Look forward to visiting again!


  3. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Mrs. Tea, I just love the cross-stitch that you are doing, I don't do that anymore, only the will be just lovely when you finish it...I also like the cookbook idea, may need to "steal" that idea...
    Blessings, Joann~Messyjo

  4. Hi ladies,

    Thanks for all of your kind, encouraging words!

    Yes, the cross-stitch will either go in my kitchen, or possibly in the hallway between the kitchen & living room -- I have several other framed stitchery pieces there.

    As for the cookbook, it's a wedding gift for the son of some old friends. I try to do a personalized cookbook of my recipes for wedding gifts for family and friends. (I have yet to make one for myself!) It's quite a bit of work, but not really expensive, and most people are absolutely delighted with them. One new bride told me she used her cookbook almost every day!

    By all means, if any of you would like to borrow the cookbook idea, please feel free to do so! Sharing ideas is so much fun.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

    God bless,

  5. I too love the cookbook idea. I really need to do one myself. I have a stack full of recipes that are in a serious mess :-) I think page protectors are a wonderful idea. I can't tell you how many times I have to redo a recipe card because I got it all messy. What a treasure!

  6. What a neat idea for the cookbook. We wanted to do something similar for the girls before they older, married, and out the house. I wanted to put recipes of all the meals they know how to make, and enjoy eating, etc. Almost like a pre home management binder. Your cross stitch sampler is great. I think you accomplished quite a bit. Thanks for sharing.


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