Saturday, September 22, 2007

More autumn decorating...

Here are a few more photos and details of my fall decorating. I am not really finished with this; a few more autumnal decorations will emerge throughout October and November, I am sure. But in the meanwhile, here are a few things I have done.

At Christmastime I put up a red and green ribbon board in my front hallway to display my collection of vintage Christmas cards. You can see this on my Christmas blog, Mrs. T's Christmas Kitchen . I also have directions for making the board there, in the post called “A Simple Ribbon Board”.

Anyway, I found that I enjoyed this idea for displaying small paper and other lightweight treasures so much, that I made another ribbon board in neutral colors to use for all of the other seasons of the year.

And so I have just changed the contents of the ribbon board to reflect the fall season. This photo doesn’t really do it justice, but it is quite pretty and brightens up my front hallway very nicely.

On my kitchen counter, I have a large glass jar (actually an old churn) which I used to use for doughnuts and then for cookies. One day I put a string of white lights in it, and I have never looked back. It’s so pretty and warming! This fall, I got an inspiration to put a branch of silk autumn leaves in with the lights. Oh my! Even prettier! Again, this photo doesn’t really do it justice, but it really looks so nice. Why not find a large old jar of your own and fill it with lights and silk leaves?  A few pine cones would look nice, too.

And then for table decor... I just had a group of ladies over for lunch and needed a nice centerpiece. I wish I had thought to take a picture; the table looked quite a bit nicer that day,as I had an autumn print runner down the center and it looked really pretty. But alas, the runner got sticky and is in the laundry, so I’ve gone to plan B; a lovely quilted place mat made by my friend Marilyn, and then the same centerpiece I used for the ladies. It’s just a ceramic autumn-themed cake stand, with a (faux, I am sure) small carnival glass bowl atop it, which I filled with an assortment of faux squashes and gourds. I also added a cute “Indian corn” ornament made of beads. (Sometimes I hang this on the ribbon board, but for now it’s in with the squashes and gourds.)

No picture of this, but I also have a pretty evergreen garland with real cones and fake berries in shades of brown, which I leave up over my living room picture window year round. For fall, I’ve tucked silk leaves into this garland and it looks really warm and welcoming.

Just a few thoughts... hope others find them inspiring!


  1. Everything looks wonderful! Autumn is my favorite season by far.

    I have to admit, I'm coveting your cake stand. :)

  2. Hi Dannielle!

    I am honored that you stopped by my kitchen table! I think very highly of your creative abilities, and am tickled that you enjoyed my decorating attempts..

    The cake stand came from one of the stores in a nearby outlet mall, but I can't remember what store it was in -- I believe it was at least 7 or 8 years ago, and the store probably isn't even there anymore. I have 4 mugs to match it. I love autumn too, and am trying to collect more decorative autumn goodies each year.

    Have a great weekend!

    God bless,


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