Sunday, September 02, 2007

Menu Plan Monday for September 3

Menu Plan Monday for September 3

Can it really be Monday again? And a holiday at that! We are going off for a day with family, so we’ll take along a picnic lunch. Here’s what the rest of the week looks like:

MONDAY: Chicken/Rice Salad with Almonds (leftover from Sunday’s potluck), Broccoli Stir-fry Vegetables, Wheat Rolls

TUESDAY: Beef Ragu with Ravioli, Italian Mixed Vegetables

WEDNESDAY: Meatball Pizza Subs, Pasta Salad

THURSDAY: Broccoli Chicken Casserole, Brown Sugar Carrots, Cranberry Sauce

FRIDAY: Southwestern Frittata, Breakfast Potatoes, Green Beans

SATURDAY: Crab Melt Loaf, Pasta Salad, Baby Carrots

SUNDAY: Strawberry Sticky Chicken, Brown Rice, Asparagus Stir-fry Vegetables


  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Can you please tell me how you cook your brown rice. I cooked it for years and then someone gave me a rice/vegetable steamer/cooker and it cooked the brown rice wonderfully. Now that it is broken I have started cooking it again on the stove and it just doesn't seem to turn out good. It is too gummy. Can you help?


  2. Hi Joan!

    I cook my brown rice on the stovetop as well, using the directions for cooking brown rice either from a cookbook or the directions on the rice package (which really isn't helpful if you buy your brown rice in bulk!) and it is often gummy. I guess if I were you, and I could afford it, I would buy myself another rice/vegetable steamer/cooker to replace the broken one.

    However, having said that, I will add that for just the two of us, I usually use the Uncle Ben's Ready Rice -- the whole grain brown rice variety. It makes enough for 2 people and only takes 90 seconds in the microwave. And it is not gummy. You can very often find coupons for it, too. This is especially helpful when making rice to serve with a crockpot meal. Everything can be quickly ready at the same time.

    Hope this helps a little bit. Thanks for stopping by my kitchen table -- please drop by and visit anytime!

    God bless,


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