Monday, January 14, 2008

About those cross-stitch samplers

Recently someone commented on the cross-stitched samplers I had shared on a Show & Tell Friday some weeks ago; I believe it was way back in November. The lady was interested in knowing what patterns I had used to stitch the samplers and if she could obtain them so that she might make some similar samplers of her own.

It occurred to me that others might be interested in having this information, so I went to my stash of Cross Country magazines and looked up the patterns I had used. The patterns are from Cross Country Stitching magazines. All of these back issues are still available. Here are the issues the samplers may be found in:

The Luke 6:38 sampler (titled "Good Measure" was in the June 1996 issue.

The Philippians 1:11 sampler (titled "Kitchen Wall") was in the February 1995 issue.

The Isaiah 1:18 sampler (titled "Scarlet & Crimson") was in the February 1996 issue. The one I have is wrongly labeled Feb. 1995, but it's definitely the 1996 issue.

As for the Colossians 4:5 sampler, it was in the October 2000 issue, and is (I think) titled "Teapots".

You can order any of these back issues from Cross Country Stitching via catalog or from their website. Here's the link: Cross Country Stitching.

Hope this information is helpful to someone and that you will have as much fun stitching these samplers as I did!

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  1. Oh how lovely!
    I have subscribed twice to CC Stitching and have done a couple of projects for my kids, but I haven;t managed a sampler yet!
    Now I'll have to go and check that post!


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