Monday, January 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday for January 21

Another Monday! They just come around so quickly! It's a sunny morning here but very chilly. I'm thinking hearty dishes and lots of soups for the week ahead, plus some meals that didn't get used last week. Here's my plan:

MONDAY: Rosemary Chicken with White Beans and Carrots, Oatmeal Rolls

TUESDAY: German Omelet, Green Beans, Tomato Aspic

WEDNESDAY: Italian Wedding Soup, Oatmeal Rolls

THURSDAY: Chicken Divan, Mashed Potatoes, Brown-Sugar Carrots

FRIDAY: Kielbasa Bow Tie Skillet, Coleslaw

SATURDAY: Herbed Tomato Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

SUNDAY: Slow-cooked White Chili, Cornbread


  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Dear Mrs T, just wanted to let you know I have read through all the Christmas Kitchen blog and have gotten as far as October 06 of this one. I am a-lovin' it. I have gotten much inspiration, good recipes, ideas for meals and appreciation for your talent for writing. Also, your Wednesday picnics by the river sound so enjoyable--and what a way to quiet and calm your heart for church, enjoying the beauty of nature. I don't have a blog to reciprocate, but I thank you so much for sharing little tidbits from your life with others.

  2. Judy, thank you so very much for your sweet and thoughtful comments. When I started my blog, it was mainly for fun and just to help me have a place to store some of my recipes, memories, and ideas. I certainly had no idea it would mean much to anyone beyond my family. Your comments, and those of other ladies, have shown me otherwise. It blesses my heart to know that God is using my blog to encourage you.

    Thanks again... you are reading so fast you are going to go ahead of my writing! So happy to have you here at my kitchen table, and in the Christmas kitchen too!

    God bless,

  3. Your menus sound delicious. Would you mind sharing the recipe for your herb tomato soup? I love tomato soup!

    Thanks and have a great day!


  4. Mmmm....I love reading your menus, Mrs. T! Since meeting you I have been so much better about planning weekly meals, thank you for your encouragement, inspiration and yummy recipes too. :0)

  5. Kelli and Linda,

    Thanks for stopping by to see my menus! Kelli, I am so glad that my menus have been helpful to you and an inspiration in your planning. I have been planning my menus for well over 30 years and it really does save time, money, and frustration.

    Linda, I haven't tried the herbed tomato soup yet; it is a recipe from the Jan/Feb 2008 Simple & Delicious magazine if you want to check it out there. I don't usually post a recipe I haven't tried, because I nearly always make some changes in it. It does sound delicious, though.

    Have a great day, ladies!

    God bless,


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