Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 13-14

Yesterday and today, I didn't get a lot done toward Christmas, but a few things got done. I finished one handmade gift yesterday and started another, and we also did a bit of Christmas shopping -- both for gifts and also for necessary components to complete more handmade gifts.

Today Mr. T unexpectedly had the afternoon off, so we went Christmas shopping again! En route, I was able to work on handmade gifts for a bit. We went to Cracker Barrel, a place I dearly love to visit at Christmas time, and thoroughly enjoyed a late lunch and the wonderful ambiance. Fire crackling in the big fireplace, the country store just brimming with Christmas delights... what a treat! And we found some marvelous gifts. Later we went to the Christmas Tree Shop and found some other gift components, containers, etc. What a fun day!


  1. You went to my favorite restaurant, and one of my favorite places to shop! Sounds like a great day to me!

  2. It was a wonderful day! Our nearest (and only) Cracker Barrel in our state is about an hour and a half away, so we don't get to go there often ... maybe a few times a year. So it's a marvelous treat when we do go.

  3. It's the same way where I live. We have to drive an hour and a half to go to one. I usually only go when we travel down South. However rumor has it we are getting one right here in my town! Merry Christmas!

  4. Wow, how great that would be! We have talked with staff at our closest Cracker Barrel and asked if one might ever come to our town... apparently it actually does meet most of the criteria they look for in proximity to interstates, etc. so maybe someday!

    We have been to Cracker Barrels in FL, SC, VA, PA, WI, M1, NY, MA and even Utah (there's only one there, too!).


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