Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve... how can it be already? This has been one of the most hectic Christmas seasons I can remember, though surely there were others that were even more so. Times when we were involved in Christmas plays and musicals, for example. Today was busy, but a good day. This morning I finished up some crafted gifts and did some wrapping. After lunch, my granddaughters came. The 7-year-old and I did some baking, while the 9-year-old did some errands with her dad. Actually, the baking was done, but cookies and brownies needed filling, frosting and glazing, all of which this little girl is adept at. She was a great help!

Later, Mr. T and I went out for groceries and a couple of last-minute gifts. The stores weren't as busy as I expected, which was fine with me.

For supper, we had our usual Christmas Eve Soup, basically a creamy potato and carrot soup with bacon and cheddar cheese. We had focaccia bread and a multigrain Italian bread, too. My dad joined us, as well as our son and his girls. Dessert (for those who had room; most didn't) was Christmas cookies and a mug of tea. The girls opened their gifts after supper as well. When everyone left, I headed for the kitchen to make a breakfast casserole for tomorrow and then start marinating a pork roast for Christmas dinner. Busy day, but God gave strength as well as cheerfulness. Merry Christmas!

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