Friday, December 17, 2010

December 15-16

Once again, I'd better note down what I did toward Christmas on these days, before I forget it!

On Wednesday, which is always a very busy day for me, about all I got done was to finish a handcrafted gift, but it was a time-consuming project that I'm thankful to be finished with. I'm working on a second one just like it.

On Thursday, a lot more got done. I did a bit more decorating, plus put together a gift basket for a Yankee swap. It came out so nice, I wish I had thought to take a picture of it, but I didn't. Basically, it was a recycled Christmas basket filled with fun goodies -- 2 vintage-looking holly mugs (bought at Walmart after Christmas a few years back), with chocolate-dipped spoons in one and peppermint bark in the other; a tin of homemade hot cocoa mix; a small jar candle in a vanilla gingerbread scent; a packet of mulling spices for hot cider; and a couple of candy canes. I wrapped it all up in one of those clear cellophane gift basket bags (2/$1 at Dollar Tree; what a deal!) with a scrap of glittery red and gold wired ribbon and a glitzy red snowflake ornament. It was a big hit at the swap -- got traded several times.

I also wrapped a couple of other small gifts during the day and spent a lot of time in the kitchen. I made homemade hot cocoa mix; cranberry pistachio bark; chocolate dipped spoons with various goodies sprinkled on (crushed candy canes, toffee chips, mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows); and also made some homemade Italian wedding soup for supper.

The ladies' Christmas fellowship (where the Yankee swap was held) was a very nice time and I was especially blessed by the fellowship and by the devotional thoughts shared by one of the ladies. She spoke of childhood Christmases and one in particular where she received a special gift she could hardly believe was intended for her. She drew the parallel between that blue bicycle of long ago and God's "unspeakable gift" of His Son for the salvation of all who will trust Him as Savior. Many, many people in our world have no idea that this marvelous gift is intended for them! I pray that at this time of year we will take the time to share this gift with our friends and loved ones.

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