Monday, December 06, 2010

December 5

Didn't find time to post this yesterday, so will write it up now. Saturday was a very productive day as far as getting things done toward Christmas and also for getting in the Christmas spirit.

Mr. T and I were both busy with other projects in the morning, but after lunch we went downtown for a bit and browsed in one of our favorite shops which features books, toys, and art supplies. I picked up a few items to complete some Christmas gifts for some of the grandkids. Then we went and visited our town's Festival of Trees and saw some very interesting ones. The chocolate lover's tree was our favorite! After that we made a quick stop at the dollar store where we picked up some Christmas jars to use for gifts of hot chocolate mix. We also got a couple of Christmas tins to use to package candy gifts in.

When we got home, I washed all the jars and tins so they are ready to use when I'm ready to fill them.

Then Mr. T suggested we put up the Christmas tree. We both have colds, but we decided we had enough energy to do this. Our tree is a very old artificial one given us by friends who were downsizing. Although it's old, it's the most real-looking artificial tree I've ever seen. (It even loses its needles when you bump against it!) We got the tree up and the lights in place and then decided we still had enough energy left to add the ornaments.

We had a simple supper of fried egg sandwiches and home fries and applesauce, and then after supper I pressed the tree skirt and put it in place under the tree. I also added the snowflakes and icicles to the garland over the picture window.

Later, I worked on a couple of handmade gifts. Indeed, a very productive day!

Sunday was a busy day and we were out of the house until 3:30 or so. But I did manage to complete one embroidered gift and start another -- transferring the design and actually starting the embroidery.

All in all, I'm pleased with our progress in preparing for Christmas!

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