Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December 1

December 1! Where, oh where, did November go? It seemed as if November had barely started before it was time for Thanksgiving!

I'd like to post here every day through December (as well as in my Christmas blog, Mrs.T's Christmas Kitchen -- see link in sidebar) but we'll see! When I post here, I will probably share some favorite images of Christmas cards old and new from my collection.

Do be sure to check out the archives in my Christmas blog as well as the Christmas link in the word cloud of labels here at my kitchen table. You are sure to find some recipes, craft or decorating ideas you can use.

Yesterday was a busy day mostly spent out of the house as I helped my daughter with some household tasks at her home. When I got back, I set the turkey bones to simmering with some onion, celery, bay leaf, pepper, and cloves, to make turkey broth.

Supper was gingerbread waffles (a yummy recipe from the Gooseberry Patch book Christmas Pantry), homemade applesauce, and sausage patties.

After supper I took the remaining turkey meat from the bones and strained the broth. All ready to make turkey soup today!

I also spent an hour or two last evening working on some top secret Christmas craft projects! They are coming along pretty well, but I have many more such items on my crafting for Christmas list.

Wednesdays are always busy for me, but I'm hoping to get some crafting done today and also start my Christmas decorating. Maybe even make some easy Christmas cookies!

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