Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Fun, fabulous felt food!

Over the past year or so I have had so much fun making play food for my grandkids. Most of it has been felt food, but some has been crocheted (the chocolate donuts) and some has been made from other fabric (the bow tie pasta). I have some great plans to make them more felt food for Christmas. Meanwhile, here is some of what I've been up to in recent months:

Cinnamon rolls

Christmas cookies

Valentine cookies

Chocolate donuts

Bow tie pasta

Bacon & eggs

I also made a felt coffee set -- 2 cups of takeout coffee and some mini donuts, chocolate, and pink frosted. I didn't get photos of these, but as you scroll down they can be seen in the photos of the kids with the food.

Same with the Cheez-It® crackers -- we were able to find the perfect size Cheez-It boxes to present these in. When you look at the pics below you will see the crackers on a yellow tray over toward the righthand side of the photo.

My daughter out west sent me some wonderful pictures of her kiddos enjoying the felt food.

Darrin holds a chocolate mini donut and a Valentine cookie in one hand and a spoonful of pasta in the other. Looks like he plans to follow that up with bacon & eggs.

Emily has a balanced meal in front of her but it appears she will eat dessert first!

Darrin snacks on pasta bows while Emily digs into a cinnamon roll. In this photo you can see the coffee set quite well -- coffee cups in front of each child, while two of the mini donuts may be seen on the red tray near Emily.

Enjoying their coffee! I made these because their uncle owns a coffee shop, but the kids refer to these cups mostly as hot chocolate.

Making felt food really is somewhat addictive. I will be sorry when the kids get old enough to outgrow it!

* Note: If anyone is interested in the links for the specific food crafting tutorials, just say so in a comment and I will share the links. I didn't have time today to hunt up all the links and post them here, but I am willing to share if some are interested in having the links.*


  1. This is so cute and must be lots of fun to know that the kids enjoy playing with them. Emily sure looks a lot like her mom. I love the pattern for the little camper. I would like to make some for Joanna.

    Looks like you've been busy finishing up your ufo's. I haven't been too successful with that yet, but summer really is here and I will not be back to them till late fall.

    Hope you have a good day! See ya Friday.

  2. I wrote a long reply and then lost it... so frustrating. So here's a shorter version.

    Yes, it is fun to do the felt food knowing how much the kids enjoy playing with it. Carrie's kids enjoy theirs as well.

    Still plenty of UFOs to finish, believe me! And of course there is that December cross stitch which I'm dying to start.

    Hope your day is going well!

    See you soon...

  3. I love how your bacon curls up like the real deal. I'd be curious to know what you did to make it do that? Wire thread? I'm in felt food mode - 12 days til Christmas - hope mine turn out as cute as yours!

  4. Manda,

    Here is the tutorial I used for the felt bacon: Felt Bacon Tutorial. As you guessed, it is wire-wrapped embroidery thread that is the secret -- DMC Color Infusions, I think it is called.

    Have fun with your felt food!


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