Saturday, February 04, 2012

The oldest UFO

Yes, I think this was it ... the oldest unfinished object in my craft room.  I can't tell you what a great feeling of accomplishment it was to finally cross this off my list after 30+ years.

My husband used to love playing chess.  At the time I started this project, he was in the process of acquiring a set of collectible chessmen.  I had seen this nifty chessboard needlepoint rug in a magazine and decided that he needed to have one as a fitting backdrop for his chessmen.  I sent away for the pattern, yarn, and canvas needed.  There were no craft stores in our area then; just a department store or two that did sell craft supplies, but nothing like this.
A closer look at the medieval village border; you can see the color difference in the inner tan border to the upper right.

Partway through the project, I ran out of one color of yarn for the inner border.  I matched it locally as best I could (there were only a few inches to go) and continued on.  And, after a number of years (I can't even remember how many), I finally finished the stitching.  Meanwhile, my husband almost never played chess anymore and has never even used the collectible chessmen now residing in the attic.
This shows a corner motif.  Two are trees, and two are suns.

The rug, folded in a pile with other UFOs, grew old and tired looking as it waited for me to figure out how to finish it.  A couple of years ago I decided to finish it, but it was dusty and creased so I tried washing it.  I figured if it got totally destroyed, I could then throw it away with a clear conscience.  Well, it didn't get totally destroyed.  But the canvas disintegrated on two opposite sides of it into fringes several inches long.  I refolded the rug and returned it to the pile; it obviously couldn't be finished using any simple method.

This year I determined it would be finished.  If nothing else, the grandkids would enjoy playing checkers on it.  So I took it in hand.  The intact edges were sewed down on the back of the rug.  The fringed edges were taped down with yellow duct tape on the back.  Then I cut a piece of light green felt to fit the back and sewed it in place to protect the stitching.  Finally, to tie everything together, I crocheted a black edging around the entire rug. 
Finished at last!  Bring on the checkers!


  1. As usual you've done some lovely work! I can see Grandkids enjoying a good game of checkers laying on the floor with that. Amazing what an old UFO can turn into ;-D

  2. Linda,

    Thanks so much for the encouragement! I picture the kids enjoying it too. Colorful and fun. Mr. T says he will only play chess on it if I agree to play chess with him. Not happening ... I don't have a chess mind!

  3. Good for you Mrs T....I am working on my genealogy notebooks this morning. I am trying to use my time more wisely and finish up some projects I have had on the back burner!

  4. Thanks, Arlene! I am so happy you are still visiting my kitchen table and that you are getting some projects done. Have a wonderful weekend!


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