Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekly Goals 2/12/2012

Okay, a quick check-in to post my goals for this week and to report on how I did with last week's goals.  I did better than the previous week, so I'm encouraged.  First of all, the goals for this week:

1.  Memorize Psalm 19:7-11.
2.  Read another chapter in Essential Virtues.
3.  Exercise 3 to 5 times.
4.  Plan and cook healthy meals.
5.  Do the FlyLady "Kelly's Missions" for each day.
6.  Work ahead in Sunday School study.
7.  Work on my weekly crafting goals to accomplish a mix of old and new projects.

As for how I did with last week's goals:

1.  I had planned to memorize 4 verses but only managed one.  Didn't get around to working on it until the end of the week, which didn't help!
2.  Read one chapter in Essential VirtuesDONE!
3.  Exercise 3 to 5 times.  I managed 3 times, so, DONE!
4.  Plan and cook healthy meals.  DONE!
5.  Declutter 1  hour in computer room; only managed a few minutes.
6.  Craft 8 small items for gifts and/or possible sale.  DONE!
7.  Work ahead on study for Sunday School lesson.  DONE!

Accomplishing 5 out of my 7 goals was a great encouragement.  With my Scripture memory goal (#1), I just need to get started earlier in the week.  And I decided to adjust my homemaking goal (#5) to something more specific which would also work toward my goal of decluttering the entire  house.  The missions for this week are for bathrooms as well as the home office, so I will be decluttering in the computer room as I go.  I've found in the past that just keeping up with Kelly's missions makes a huge difference in my house.  So there you have it.  We'll see how well I do!


  1. Worthy goals! My daughter writes her verses on 3X5 cards and hangs them on the bathroom mirror and keeps a set in the car. I'm thinking of giving it a shot. I'm going to be starting a Bible study soon and will need all the help I can get. And thanks for the reminder about Fly Lady. I followed the plans some time ago and found them very effective. I'll have to look them over again. Good luck with this week's goals. Debbie

  2. Look at all you got done last week! On the memorization, my husband taught a lesson on that during family camp last summer, and he suggested having a time goal rather than a number goal. For example, spend 10 minutes a day memorizing, rather than memorizing a certain amount of verses. The reasoning behind that is that some verses will be harder to learn, so a time goal will be easier to meet, and you *will* memorize if you put the time in. Just something to consider! :)

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Debbie and Susan, and the ideas to help with Scripture memory. I have always been a person who memorizes easily, and a few years ago I memorized some whole chapters of the Bible. But it just isn't coming as easily as it used to. (No doubt it's my age.) I do appreciate your suggestions and help. Thanks so much!


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