Friday, July 24, 2015

A day at the lake

I'm still posting a few pictures from the time our daughter, her hubby and family were with us earlier this month.  One thing they really wanted was to spend some time at a lake.  Their kiddos have never experienced the fun of just being able to run into a lake.  We are fortunate to live quite close to Wellington State Park, and I grew up going there frequently, as did my own kids.  So during their visit, we took an entire day (we had hoped to take more) at Wellington, and met up with friends and family there too.

Emily's sand airplane, which Sam built around  her.  Note frisbee propeller at front of plane.  (A detail I missed at the time.)
I took this as we were leaving.  Hadn't noticed that those folks sitting back in the shade were in the picture, but I envy them.  This is a very relaxing place!
 Hope you have enjoyed this look at our day at the lake!  I hope that Mr. T and I can find time for a few hours there ourselves before summer is over.


  1. What a pretty lake nestled at the feet of the mountains. Looks as if the grands had a very happy day playing on the beach and in the water. Idyllic summer day and I sure hope that you do get to return for a picnic or two before August fades out. I'm hoping to find a liake of my own where I can spend a relaxing day reading.

  2. Isn't it gorgeous, Vee? An absolutely lovely lake. We had such a wonderful day.

    And today my hubby ended up with most of the day off, so we went to this same lake and met up with my local daughter, four grands and several friends. Soooo relaxing even though we took a hike with three of the grandkids while there.

    I hope you do find a lake of your own and can spend that relaxing day reading. We all need time to recharge our batteries now and again!


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