Friday, July 03, 2015

Quintessential summer place

Binoculars on the porch window sill -- at the ready to look for wildlife across the pond.
We are so blessed to have a summer cottage our extended family can enjoy.  Built by grandparents on land they owned at a remote pond as a place for their loved ones to get away, it is still in the family today.  For a modest fee, one may reserve time at the camp -- and so, when my youngest daughter and her family came for a visit from Nevada, they did just that.  Her hubby and five little ones had never been there, and what fun they had!

Not much ever changes at the camp.  It had probably been 15 years since we had been there, and so much is still the same.  There's a sense of continuity as the years pass and many other things change.
The front doorstep is a millstone.

After a rainstorm


Back stairs lead down to the shore

So relaxing

Nearing the shore in a kayak

We were blessed to borrow kayaks from friends in addition to the watercraft already there.

Could it be any more peaceful?
"Come again".  We certainly hope to!
 And there are just a few pictures of our stay at a wonderfully relaxing spot!


  1. It looks like the perfect vacation!!

  2. It is, Arlene! Of course the interior, bursting with noise and grandchildren, was hardly peaceful. But if we were there by ourselves it would be very relaxing indeed. It's been many years since we stayed there, and Mr. T and I didn't stay overnight this time -- just our daughter and family and a few extra grandchildren. But we visited during the day and also ate supper with them there. We are thinking that some time for just the two of us there sounds pretty good.


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