Wednesday, July 08, 2015

An evening picnic in Crawford Notch

Yesterday I posted about our visit to Story Land.  When we left there, we decided that rather than stopping for fast food on the way home as we might have done, we had plenty of picnic food left and it would be fun to find a picnic spot.  Crawford Notch State Park abounds with likely spots.  We bypassed several picnic tables as we didn't see them in time to stop.  Then we found this gorgeous spot across the road from the Willey House.  You can read the history here: Willey House History.

It was early evening by the time we got there and the Willey House was closed for the day.  But this beautiful picnic spot was available, with nearly every table free.  We stopped!

These ducks were a big attraction for the kids -- as you can see, four of them are still ducklings!

Bridge across the water

A rocky cliff
The parking lot was empty when we arrived but quickly filled up with evening fishermen.

So tranquil

Four grandchildren watching the fishermen

Micah runs across the grass
Isn't this a pretty spot?  We were blessed to enjoy our picnic here!


  1. Another lovely place!! Making memories!

  2. New England abounds with lovely scenic places, Arlene! This is our Nevada grands' first chance to visit here in summer, when there is so much to do here. I have many more places to post about, so stay tuned. I will eventually get to all of them, I hope!

  3. Oh you are making me long for a New Hampshire trip. How wonderful for you to have the Nevada grands with I must check out Storyland...I have fond memories of that iconic location.

  4. Yes, the Nevada grands loved everything we did, but I think the highlight was all of the lakes and ponds we visited. They just do not have the opportunity in northeastern Nevada to go running into a lake as we can
    do here.

    Hope you can take a New Hampshire trip soon! I'll have some Maine pictures coming up, as we spent 2 days there. In fact, our Nevada contingent (Mom, Dad and 5 kids) was in a separate vehicle and they stayed in Maine for a third day.


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