Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lighthouse Park at Pemaquid Point

As I mentioned earlier, when our Nevada family -- our daughter, her hubby and five little ones -- began planning a visit to us out here in New England, our daughter began thinking seriously about sights she wanted her kids to see.  Things they will never see in northeastern Nevada.  High on her list (no pun intended) was a lighthouse ... preferably a lighthouse they would see the inside of.  Her research led her to Lighthouse Park at Pemaquid Point -- and what a wonderful choice it was!

We spent hours at this park and had a wonderful, wonderful time.
This view greeted us as we headed for a picnic table.
These gorgeous roses abound on this area of the Maine coast.
Some of the picnic tables were under pine trees.  We were so blessed to observe a man with study materials and Bible spread out on a picnic table, having his quiet time here by the sea.
The Keeper's House -- it is possible to actually stay overnight in the upstairs.  They rent it out!
So beautiful.  I love the creamy seafoam green as the waves come in.
So gorgeous.
Looking from the rocks up toward the lighthouse.
Similar view from farther away
So majestic.  I could sit here taking in this beauty for a long, long time.
Many people did.
The bell house.
Mr. T took this one down on the rocks.
These lovely little flowers were growing among the rocks
Another vista.  I believe this little building is the oil house.
Up in the lighthouse.  Kids have to be over a certain height to go up.
This light shines 14 nautical miles out to sea.  I didn't realize prior to our  visit that this is the lighthouse depicted on the Maine state quarter.
A window in the Fishermen's Museum
Hope you've enjoyed this look at a beautiful place featuring God's majestic creation.  We certainly enjoyed our visit tremendously!


  1. It reminds me of Cabot Cove on my favorite tv show, Murder She Wrote. I feel like I have been traveling along with yall!!

  2. I had to look up where Murder She Wrote was filmed. You probably know that even though Cabot Cove was in Maine, the scenes were filmed in Mendocino, California! Which also must be a gorgeous place!

    So happy you feel you've been traveling along with us. More to come!

  3. It is certainly a beautiful place. Glad that you were able to spend the day there with your family and cutie pie grands. That stained window looks like the Portland Headlight to me. Must be the classic layout. If I can find your email addy, I'll send you a link.

    In answer to your question, if I remember...7.5 inches long by 2.5 inches wide and the inner elastic is about 5.5 inches long. I also responded in comments in case anyone else is interested.

  4. Vee, I think it must be the classic layout in the stained glass window that makes it resemble the Portland Head Light. We've been there eons ago and I thought I remembered the house looking quite a bit different than this one. I just googled it and the house is indeed different. Plus it has red roofs.

    Regardless, Pemaquid Point is indeed a beautiful spot and one I'm sure we will be visiting again on our own. We loved it there. The one photo showed three of the grands ... but there were actually TEN of them there with us!

    Thanks so very much for the scrunchie measurement info. I am going to have fun making some of those!

    Have a wonderful evening!


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