Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Story Land

One of the day trips we've taken with our visiting family was to Story Land, a fabulous family attraction located in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire.  This is a beautifully landscaped, well designed place where a family could very easily spend an entire day having nonstop fun.  In fact, we did just that, arriving before they opened and leaving after the park had closed for the day!  I will try and post a few pictures and add some quick captions just to give you a flavor of our trip.  If you would like to see more, there are some great photos on the Story Land site here: Story Land.  Check it out -- it will make you smile!

Just a shot of one of the areas.  The building at right is a restaurant; the one at left is a shop.

A Polar Coaster car heads up the incline.

Around the bend they fly!  The roller coaster cars on this little coaster look like walruses!
The tractor ride winds its way through a pumpkin patch.

Mr. T and a grandson in one of the tractors at the tractor ride

Digging with heavy equipment at the digging area

And another heavy equipment operator

This area was a favorite while adults were at the big roller coaster.

Heading up the log flume ride called Bamboo Chutes

Geyser water ride in the distance

Geyser ride -- a favorite

Riders go in the dark tunnel on the right and come out on the left

Along the train tracks
Cinderella's castle is in the distance.  Just cross the flower-bedecked bridge, go up the hill (travel by pumpkin coach if you prefer) and you are there!
On the antique car ride

The Dutch shoe ride, plus a colorful village street.  Love the reflections on this one!

The Crazy Barn rises into the air!

The Whirling Whales ride
The carousel at left, pirate ship ride in the middle and swan boats/Story Land Queen riverboat at the right.
Hope you have enjoyed this peek at our visit to Story Land! There is much, much more to it than this, but I thought I would share just a few of the simple pictures I took.  If you ever get the chance to visit here with your family, why not plan to do so?   It is well worth the trip and, in our experience anyway, is enjoyed by adults and teens just as much as by children!


  1. How fun!! It reminds me of Santa Claus Land in Indiana. We took our children there when they were small and it was the perfect park for little ones.

  2. A simpler much less hectic experience than many theme parks. I enjoyed seeing some new to me rides and some old faithfuls. Looks as if you had perfect weather for enjoying the day.

  3. Good morning, Arlene and Vee!

    Yes, it is a lovely park indeed. In my family, teens and adults have enjoyed this park every bit as much as younger kids. There are some areas which are just perfect for the very little ones, and my daughters who have taken nursing babies to Story Land have been so pleased with the special areas set aside for nursing mothers. Even though the park is under new ownership in the past few years, the flavor of the place remains and nothing iconic has been changed. It's just a fun, beautiful, well-run place that families can really enjoy together!

    The weather was indeed perfect. Not too hot, not too cool to enjoy the water rides. A few raindrops in the afternoon, but only a few!


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