Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A glorious day at the ocean

I last posted about our time at Lighthouse Park on Pemaquid Point in Bristol, Maine.  After a wonderful day there, we spent the night in the Freeport area and headed out for Reid State Park after breakfast the next morning.  We had been to Reid once before, the last time our Nevada family was here, and we just love it.  The unique thing about this park is that it has a long sandy beach on one side, a rocky shoreline on the other, and in the middle a lagoon for swimming, along with grassy areas for picnicking.  I didn't get as many pictures this time as I would have liked, so I'll be using some of those older photos from our earlier visit in fall of 2012 as well.

If you would like to see more, check out one of these links: Reid State Park or Reid State Park.  The first link is to an article from Yankee magazine; the second is from the state of Maine.
The kids get excited when we see Bath Iron Works, because they know we are getting close.
Tranquility.  Love it.

In fall 2012
2012 again
One more from 2012 -- still beautiful
The lagoon in 2012
Exploring around the lagoon in 2012
Big brother, little sister on the grass overlooking the lagoon
God's majestic handiwork

Hope you've enjoyed this virtual trip to the ocean with our family!


  1. This reminds me a bit of Gulf Shores as it has an ocean front view and a lagoon on the bayside. Our sand is very fact some folks refer to the Alabama shore line as the Red Neck Riviera. I do hope to get to Freeport one day just to see the LL Bean store there.

  2. I love Reid State Park. It was a weekly destination in my childhood. In recent years, we gave it up because of horseflies! All that debris on the beach never cleaned up and loaded with menacing horseflies. Hope that was not part of your experience! It sure is a beautiful spot on the coat of Maine.

  3. Hi ladies!

    Arlene, I hope perhaps to visit Gulf Shores one day. Mr. T has extended family in the Fairhope area so, it is at least a possibility.

    Yes, the LL Bean store is definitely worth a visit. Fascinating. Freeport is a unique place. You would chuckle to see the McDonalds that looks like a regular, rather old, house, and the fancified outlets that look like quaint little shops.

    Vee -- how neat that you could go to Reid State Park weekly as a child. What a privilege! No horseflies on our visit either time, thankfully. Simply gorgeous.


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