Monday, July 13, 2015

Along the way, along the shore

As we traveled from Pemaquid Point back to our lodgings for the night in the Freeport area, we made a brief stop for a photo-taking opportunity just across the Wiscasset bridge.  We weren't there long, but my hubby and daughter, plus some of the grandkids, wandered around snapping a few fun photos.
Simply iconic

Two grandsons try out a fish-shaped wooden chair!
So many fun and colorful memories!


  1. Love the fish chair. Never seen one like that.

  2. It looks like your grands took in a lot while they were visiting.

  3. Hi ladies!

    Yes, they did take in a lot, Arlene. So many things that they can't see in northeastern Nevada. But then, we don't see things like gold mining and real cowboys and ranching out here.

    And isn't that fish shaped chair cute? You can get a better look at its shape in the photo above the one where the boys are sitting in it. In that one, they are approaching the chair. Double click to enlarge the picture and see the chair better.


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