Friday, September 07, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday for September 7

This wasn’t the most productive week, craftwise. Most of my items are works in progress!

First up, 2 dishcloths. I did manage to finish those this week, mostly in the car while traveling on Labor Day.

Next, the Saturday towel from the “Fine Chinaware” set of dishtowels. This towel is almost completed -- just a few French knots left to do! (And then, of course, five more towels.)

And lastly, here’s how the apron is progressing. I have the sides sewn to the front, and the front facing in place. You can’t really see this in the photo, but the facing is a different fabric -- a nifty blue homespun check that coordinates quite well with the sunflower fabric.

How about you? Have you done any crafting this week? Even a work in progress? Then head on over to Shereen’s blog and share what you’ve been working on. The more the merrier -- it’s fun and encouraging to share crafting with others!


  1. Anonymous2:23 PM

    I really like the china pattern for the dish towels and the apron is real nice, like the style of it..Thank you for the nice comment about the dishtowels, I was real happy about getting them done, made me feel like I can really get this done starting on some with a coffee theme today and still working on the baby quilt...Have a great weekend,
    Blessings, Joann

  2. Hi Joann,

    Thanks so much for stopping in! And thanks for your encouraging words about the dish towels & apron.

    That coffee theme sounds nice for the dish towels you're tackling next. I don't think I have seen those coffee-themed transfers around here; I'll have to look next time I'm in a Walmart somewhere else.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    God bless,

  3. All of your projects are just lovely! The yarn you used for the cloths is very nice, as is the design!

    The embroidery is absolutely beautiful! Where did you learn to embroider? Any books that you would suggest? I cross-stitch, but have not tried embroidery yet!

    Keep up the wonderful work, everything is just beautiful!


  4. Everything is so pretty! You're really progressing on the towels!

  5. Hello Mona and Mom2fur,

    So nice to see you both here along with Joann! I love company at my kitchen table, especially when we can share craft ideas together.

    Thanks for the encouraging comments, everyone. Mona, I learned to embroider years ago -- just taught myself from an article in a magazine -- think it was a Woman's Day back in the early 70s. I used to do lots of embroidery and I particularly enjoyed crewel embroidery (with yarn). But in recent years, ever since discovering counted cross stitch, I have done more of that than anything else. In the past couple years I decided to try embroidery again. I have done several sets of the flour-sack towels and also some pillowcases. I was pleased to find my skills weren't as rusty as I expected!

    Embroidery is very easy to learn and I'm sure you could find tons of info online by doing a search for "embroidery tutorials" or a similar term.

    Have a great week, everyone!

    God bless,


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