Friday, January 25, 2008

Show & Tell Friday for January 25

Today I would like to share for show & tell some of the favorite gifts I received for Christmas. First, here is an adorable sewing organizer made by my daughter Carrie. I love the colors! Carrie drew my name in a gift exchange we had with some other ladies. She was hoping that this new organizer would spur me into using my new sewing machine. However, I’m going to keep using the old one until I have finished 2 belated projects that are sort of rough on the machine. I’d rather keep using my old workhorse machine until those are done. But I love this organizer and have put it to work already.

Along with the organizer, and to match it, Carrie gave me this nifty sewing tin with its vintage Singer design.

Another favorite gift was this box of “ribbon candy” (actually ornaments) made by my daughter Joanna. I love the ornaments, but her creative packaging of them in a candy box is even more fun. This year I didn’t hang them on the tree, just displayed the “candy” in the box.

Joanna also gave me this jingle bell ornament which I love, with its retro colors and pretty snowflake design. What’s even neater is that she bought three of them -- one each for herself, Carrie, and me. So we can know that every Christmas we are all hanging the same ornament. It’s also special that she bought these at one of my favorite shops, Cherished Friends in Elko, NV.

Another very special gift is this ornament made by my granddaughter Sarah. It’s a glazed ceramic-type ornament with the imprint of a fir sprig in it. She made it in school -- she’s in first grade. The ornament is very nice, but to me the most special thing is that she wrapped it and labeled it and sneaked it under my tree all by herself. This is the first time one of my grandchildren has done that, and so it makes it very, very special to me. Along with the ornament was also a handmade card and a suncatcher she had made!

Finally, here is a favorite gift which has not been out of the package yet. Mr. T bought me this painting for dummies kit. I had hinted that I might welcome such a gift, and he remembered. I would love to learn to paint. I don’t suppose I have any talent, but I do long to learn to paint and to see if I can express what I’d like to through painting. So, we will see. It is just awaiting a little spare time on my part.

There are a few of my favorite gifts. Hope you have enjoyed the show & tell. To see what others have shared, visit There is No Place Like Home

and check out the links. Show & Tell Friday is a highlight of my week!


  1. Don't you just love handmade gifts? They are always my favorite.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful treasures.



  2. I would LOVE to have the organizer. How clever. Hmmmm --'thinking' --"can I make myself one? Probably not!"

    My Show N Tell is shared. Hope you can drop by and leave a comment. I love visitors you know. :o)

  3. All lovely. Nice that your girls made theirs.

  4. Anonymous12:45 PM

    These are all wonderful! I've never seen an organizer like that -- what a neat idea! Love the packaging of the candy ribbon ornaments and the idea of three of you hanging the same ornaments on your trees. How sweet that your granddaughter wanted to give you a gift on her own.

    I've always wanted to learn how to paint, too -- I've never seen that kit before. That's a good idea!

  5. What wonderful gifts you have. I love the organizer---what a great idea.


  6. Very nice gifts. Clever daughters!
    As everyone agrees, the organizer looks like a very handy thing to have. Now I guess we'll all have to figure out how to make one for ourselves! I see your little Christmas cactus was blooming there, too.

  7. Anonymous11:00 PM

    I think we're going to see a lot of great things coming from your place. You've got all the right equipment, that's for sure.

  8. Anonymous1:10 AM

    I like to have an organizer especially i have lots of stuff. Nice gifts...

  9. What wonderful thoughtful gifts. It nice that you have inspired your daughters to work with their hands...

  10. Oh how I wish I could sew. Thank you so much for sharing and stopping by by show & tell.


  11. If anyone's interested, I made the organizer from Simplicity's pattern #3776, from the Fat Quarter Club collection. This one also includes patterns for a sewing machine cover, serger cover, project organizer, and a few sizes of fabric containers. Lots of cute things!

  12. Thanks for sharing all those lovely things, ornaments, candy etc. When you paint your first picture, post it for S&T. I'd love to see it! :)

  13. What a great idea. I've never seen a sewing organizer like that. How sweet that she made it for you.


  14. What lovely gifts you received! You have thoughtful daughters! Thanks for sharing!

    :0) Sharon

  15. What wonderful heartfelt gifts you received :-)I especially love the little ornament your grand-daughter made... how cute is that!

  16. What really neat gifts. I love the sewing organizer - it's so useful and pretty as well!

  17. What wonderful gifts you received! I love the organizer and the old fashioned sewing box is too cute!

  18. Ladies, thank you all so much for stopping by my kitchen table to see this show & tell. It is SO nice to see each and every one of you here.

    For those who asked about the sewing organizer, Carrie has left a comment here with the number of the pattern that she used to make the organizer. So if you'd like to make one of your own, the info is available.

    Have a lovely day, all!

    God bless,


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