Friday, January 04, 2008

Show & Tell Friday for January 4

For Show & Tell Friday today, I would like to share a wintry shelf display on my dining room hutch. This display will stay up all winter long (with the exception of the Christmas card box, which I’ve already removed) and it makes me smile every time I look at it. Here’s how the whole shelf looked at Christmastime:

I love that vintage card box, which I found in my parents’ attic.

It was really difficult to get a photo of this pop-up snow globe. I tried a couple of different times, but it still isn’t the best. The scene is Santa and his sleigh and reindeer flying over a village. These pop-up snow globes are the coolest things. A couple of different small bookstores in our area sell them. This year they had a nativity one, which I really liked, but for some reason it was three times the price of the others.

Here’s a glittery little house. I bought this in a set of 3 from Gooseberry Patch a number of years ago. I am really, really wanting to make some of these myself. I have directions, but haven’t tried yet. Maybe this year!

Here’s another house, along with a bottle brush tree (also from Gooseberry Patch). In back of the house is a Christmas cross-stitch I did a few years ago.

And here is a vintage white plastic reindeer along with another bottle brush tree. I love how the ornaments on this tree seem to glow as if they are really lights.

That is about all I have to share today. If you want to see what others have to share for Show & Tell Friday, head on over to There is No Place Like Home
and take a look.


  1. How pretty and so festive!! A wonderful Show N Tell.

  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely display of items.

  3. What a fun display with great treasures. Enjoy your winter...

  4. The globe card thingy is so cool--I've never seen one like that--thanks for sharing.

  5. Anonymous12:40 PM

    those houses remind me of the glittery houses my Great Grandmother used in the village under her Christmas tree!

  6. I like winter houses. Your shelf looks nice. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Hey Mrs. T, I'm a Mrs. T too. I'm maryt and I love your Show and Tell post! Here's the link to my first Show and Tell: Answers to the Questions

  8. I love love love your houses! They remind me of the ones my aunt had when I was a little girl. You mentioned that you had directions for making them, can you tell where I can find them, are the on the internet?


  9. I love little light up houses...they are so pretty...

    ~simply stork~

  10. Hi ladies,

    I really appreciate all of you stopping by my kitchen table to see my show and tell this week. Sorry I am so slow to reply to your sweet comments. It has been a busy weekend.

    I noticed that many of you have the same affection I do for those glittery little houses. Nora Lee (Sandra) asked about the directions I said I had for making such houses.

    My directions are in the November/December 2004 issue of Country Woman magazine. I had never seen instructions for houses like these anywhere else. I would imagine one could obtain a back issue of the magazine either from the publisher (Reiman Publications), or maybe on eBay, or possibly via Freecycle or from someone you know who subscribes to the magazine.

    But I did take a quick look online and did find directions for a mini village, along with a pattern to download, from I really think their directions look quite a bit easier and simpler than the ones I have. Here’s the link: Mini Christmas Village

    I think I will probably try making one from the bhg directions -- except it does look as if you have to enlarge the house patterns, while the ones in Country Woman are full size. So I may use the bhg directions and the Country Woman patterns. We’ll see.

    Thanks so much to all of you for stopping by. Hope the mini house info is helpful to those of you who would like to try making some of these yourselves.

  11. Oops, I see that my link didn't work. Let's try again: Mini Christmas Village

  12. One more link -- Nannykim, you had mentioned never having seen anything like the pop-up snowglobe. I looked in the package (they come in packs of 3 mostly) and found there was an internet address. There are actually many more styles available than the ones I have seen. I don't think one can order them online; seems it's more of a "Locate nearest retailer" type thing, but anyway, here's the link:

    Pop-up Snow globes

    They are really neat.

  13. The holidays went too quickly this year. It was fun looking at your lovely display.

  14. The glittery houses are beautiful. I have never seen it before. It is a a beautiful display.

  15. Thank you, ladies! I am glad you enjoyed seeing these things. I am so happy to share them this way.

    Glad you stopped by my kitchen table... please stop by again any time!


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