Friday, June 21, 2013

Back-on-track challenge, days 16~18

Graphic by The Cottage Market
Not much to report on the challenge, I'm afraid.  Life has been very, very busy.  But in the interests of following through, here's what's been happening the past few days in the four areas I'm concentrating on:
health and energy -- Walked a couple of times, got some aerobic exercise around the house,  didn't keep up with the BCI  at all.   Did okay with eating right, fairly well with limiting sugar and quite well at getting enough water.  Did okay with getting enough sleep.
  *  homemaking -- did some work in  Zones 3 and 4.  Kept up with basics like dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc.  Did a major (and much needed) decluttering of my sewing basket. 
spiritual life -- kept up with my regular Bible reading, journaling, and prayer times.  Read a chapter in A Woman's Call to Prayer.   Got in some good work on my Sunday School lesson.  Spent quite a few hours putting together some material to help someone in their pursuit of spiritual growth.
* creativity -- posted a few times in this blog.  Worked on the crocheted dishcloth but ran out of yarn so need to get more.  Did a bit of work on some felt food for an August birthday.  Spent time working on the strawberry themed bunting I want to make.  It may be finished today.

And that is about it.  Realistically, with a busy weekend coming up I'm not expecting too much success in staying on track, but I will continue aiming toward that.

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