Monday, June 10, 2013

Days 4 ~ 7 of the Back-on-track challenge ...

This wonderful vintage graphic is from The Cottage Market.
A busy weekend wreaked havoc with my intentions of getting back on track, but here's how the past few days have gone:
health and energy -- I exercised and kept up with the BCI  2 out of the 4 days (guess which 2?) and did fairly well with eating right, limiting sugar and getting enough water.  Didn't do as well with getting enough sleep, and Sunday night we took the grandkids to Burger King, so that was not the healthiest thing, although I did have a chicken/apple/cranberry salad, so it could have been worse, right?
 *  homemaking -- did some work in Zone 2 and did some decluttering in the living room.  Did some major decluttering under the kitchen sink.  Kept up with basics like bathrooms, vacuuming, etc.
spiritual life -- kept up with my regular Bible reading, journaling, and prayer times; on Friday I spent time in Bible study and made 2 pages for my "What do I know about my God?" notebook.
* creativity -- kept up with posting pretty much every day in this blog.  I don't think I did much else that was particularly creative in the past few days, other than stitching here and there on another flower wheel dishcloth.

I'm hoping that the next few days will be on-track ones!

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