Monday, June 03, 2013

Back-on-track challenge!

Graphic from The Cottage Market
The weather this weekend was SO hot.  Almost unbearably hot.  It was definitely unseasonably hot.  Then yesterday afternoon we had a violent thunderstorm which cleared the air somewhat.  Today is still warm, but there's a nice breeze and cooler weather is said to be on the way.  Since I'm thinking more clearly, I'm going to begin a back-on-track challenge for myself today.

What's a back-on-track challenge, you wonder?  If you're been visiting at my kitchen table for awhile, you know that periodically I see the need to try and challenge myself to establish better habits in different areas of my life.   I mentioned last week that I was going to try and start out on another of these back-on-track challenges.  I don't want to wait for a new year to try and establish some better habits.  So I am going to try and challenge myself in these four areas:

health and energy -- specifically eating right, exercising, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep
homemaking -- getting back into the routines that work for me; getting better at time management
spiritual life -- especially Bible study, Scripture memory and meditating on Scripture
* creativity -- blogging more often, making some things for home decor, and trying to craft some birthday and Christmas gifts.

The first 2 areas are the biggies -- the ones I am severely off track with.  I'm not doing too badly with the last 2 (at the moment) but I'm going to include them because I can easily get out of balance in trying to zero in on only two areas.  Creativity is a crucial one for me.  If I neglect my spiritual life, I know for sure that it will keep me from doing anything else well.  And for me, neglecting creativity has a negative effect as well.  If I can continue nurturing my God-given creativity, I find that it helps me think creatively about the other aspects of life too, including those that need work.

 I will be starting the challenge today and continuing through the month of June.  I will try and post every day or two as to how I am doing with the four areas.  If anyone cares to join me in this challenge, you are more than welcome!

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