Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back-on track challenge, days 12~15

Graphic from The Cottage Market
Since I promised to keep updating on this challenge, I will -- but I don't have much to report.  The weekend was a busy one and yesterday was a busy day.  I certainly didn't stay on track as I'd have liked to.  Here's how it went in the four areas in which I'm challenging myself:

health and energy -- I exercised only once and walked a couple of times,  didn't keep up with the BCI  at all.   Did okay with eating right, fairly well with limiting sugar and getting enough water.  Did okay with getting enough sleep.
  *  homemaking -- did some work in Zone 2 and a lot of work in Zone 3.  Kept up with basics like dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc.  Did a major declutter of one area. 
spiritual life -- kept up with my regular Bible reading, journaling, and prayer times.  Finally finished memorizing a passage I've been trying to get for weeks.  Changed my prayer journal into its new binder.  Got in some good work on my Sunday School lesson.  Had a little Bible study yesterday with one of my granddaughters. 
* creativity -- posted a few times in this blog.  Finished crocheting a primrose dishcloth.  Started crocheting another dishcloth.  Spent time working on the strawberry themed bunting I want to make.  Changed the decor on my hutch from spring to strawberries.

I'm certainly hoping the next few days will be more on-track!

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