Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 3 ~ back-on-track health & energy challenge

So far I'm doing well checking in to report my progress!  I'm thankful to report another good day!

Here's how day 3 went in the areas I'm trying to work on:
*Drinking enough water -- done!
* Getting to bed at a reasonable hour -- not done; we had prayer meeting at church plus Patch the Pirate Club and grandkids to take home afterward.  When we got home of course the dishes were still waiting, and I refuse to leave them undone.  I'm not giving up on the goal of an earlier bedtime, however.
* Eating more fruits and vegetables -- done! 
* Getting more exercise -- done!
* Eating less sugar -- done!  I'm happy to report that I stuck to this despite the seduction of some high-quality chocolate shared with my household.
* Keeping track of the above each day - done!
* Doing something creative every day (mental health!) -- done! Managed to complete a row or two on the scarf.
* Drinking some green tea daily -- didn't find time for this yesterday.

So I'm thankful for progress.  I feel a lot healthier already!

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