Thursday, October 10, 2013

Felt food goes to the Fair!

When I was growing up, and even in our kids' childhoods,  we had a fair and a fairgrounds in our town.  Sadly, it is no more.  One thing I had come to enjoy about the fair was the fun of entering needlework in the various categories for judging -- and sometimes even winning a ribbon or two.

So I was delighted when two of my grandchildren out in Nevada had the opportunity to enter some items in the County Fair.  And I was even more delighted (though not more so than the children themselves!) when they won some ribbons for their various entries.

The children both entered needlework wall hangings they had made.  Did you ever think of cross stitching on mesh shelf liner?  The hanging on the right utilizes that technique (along with others).  It's a fantastic way for kids to learn to cross stitch.

And they also entered Lego creations which both took blue ribbons.  Notice Emily's pleased surprise at her win:
Her next-younger brother appears unimpressed by the ribbon.
There was also a category called "I Collect It" -- in which kids could enter their collections.  These could be anything kids might collect -- stamps, beanie babies, action figures, or whatever.  (I had a fleeting thought of these kids' mother and one of her childhood collections -- frilled toothpicks! -- and wondering how that would have fared at the fair.)

Anyway, Emily chose to enter part of her collection of felt food that  I've made for her.  She entered just the desserts.  (Very smart -- maybe next year she can do sandwiches, fruit, or whatever!)  Here is what the display looked like:
As you can see, some of the food is crocheted.  They covered a piece of cardboard with a dish towel to look like a tablecloth, and pinned the felt food in place.
And here is how Emily's collection fared:
Yes, not only a blue ribbon, but a purple one for Best of Show!
So much fun!!!  I would never have dreamed that my felt food would go to the county fair!


  1. Love this FAIR post. As a child, the county fair in September was always a big deal!! Congrats on your talented grands and their ribbons.

  2. Thanks, Arlene! I am glad you enjoyed the post. The fair was always a big deal to me, too. I always envied my friends in 4-H who showed animals at the fair and got to sleep in the cattle sheds with them. (It sounded like fun back then ... not so much today!)

    The kids won other ribbons too ... I didn't show pics of everything. There were cash prizes along with the ribbons. Thanks to her Best of Show, Emily took home a total of $40! Big bucks for a 5-year-old.


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