Friday, April 27, 2007


In my ladies' Sunday School class, we're currently studying the book Cultivating a Life of Character, a Bible study by Elizabeth George. It covers the books of Judges and Ruth. I did this study on my own back in 2002, so it's been interesting to look back at the way I answered some of the heart response questions and see how God has worked in my life in those areas.

For example, in this week's lesson, we were asked to think about how we can fine-tune our attitude toward God and our reverence toward Him and our worship of Him.

When I did this study on my own in 2002, I noted that in my daily prayer time, I needed to get back to the worshipful aspect of prayer. I had noticed that I tended to do more interceding than anything else, and I wanted to put more praise and worship into my daily quiet time (while continuing to intercede, of course). When I reread my answer to this question this time around, I was so thrilled to see how God has honored that desire over the intervening years. Since then, I’ve done much more work on my prayer journal, and a time of worship and praise now precedes my prayer time each day. Another thing I’ve recently begun doing is to spend some time each morning asking God to cleanse my heart of anything that does not please Him or bring Him glory. (Of course, I did spend some time in confession in my prayer time, but I find that this new way of starting my time has made that much more meaningful.)

I’m sure there are many more ways I can fine-tune my attitude toward God and my reverence toward Him and worship of Him, but it’s exciting to watch Him work in my heart in these areas.

It's been a huge encouragement to me to look back and take note of how God has worked in my life over the past 5 years. Praise the Lord!

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