Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Writing Countdown Challenge, Day 6

Today I began proofreading all the pages that I've written and getting things a bit more organized. It was a busy day and I was out of the house the entire afternoon, so there wasn't time to do more. But it sure is great to have all of the actual writing done!


  1. Hi Mrs. T,
    Congrats on finishing your devotional book. Is this something that you plan to have published? What a sense of accomplishment you must have knowing that you have "finished the job". Enjoy proofreading:)
    It is fun to look at all of the menu items you come up with. I am afraid that mine are quite boring in comparison. I will say though, that my husband is rather finicky and knows what he likes and does not like. Therefore, I try to honor his tastebuds and make the dishes that he enjoys. Perhaps his tastebuds will change but I like to make him happy with the foods that I prepare. I guess that I will enjoy reading about your Gourmet meals:). I hope that you are seeing signs of spring! Have a wonderful Thursday.

  2. Thanks, Rachel!

    Yes, it is a great sense of accomplishment! This is the 7th such book I have done. I have them published in the sense that I take them to a local print shop to have them printed and bound with a comb or spiral binding. I haven't tried to seek out a publisher for them. The Patch the Pirate Club at our church uses them for summer devotionals for the kids, since the Sailor's Logs only cover the school year.

    I'm glad you have fun looking at my menus. I am blessed with a husband who will eat *almost* anything. He drew the line at stir-fried tofu -- and so did I! We threw it out. That was many years ago, but I still hear about it.

    Yes, there are a very few signs of spring. Frogs croaking in swamps and buds on the maple trees. Today I saw a forsythia bush trying to bloom and saw I have some daffodils sprouting up. It will come...

    God bless,


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