Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fluttering in Zone 1

Carrie, over at Life on a Back Road, has been doing a spring cleaning/decluttering challenge. She has planned this to last 5 weeks, working in FlyLady's zones each week. This week is Zone 1. I've joined the challenge despite being pretty busy with my writing project. It's been a test of my in-progress time management skills to fit in some cleaning time in Zone 1 each day, but I've been doing it! Here's what got done yesterday:

* Swiffered the dining room walls.

* Finished a thorough cleaning/decluttering/rearranging of the corner cupboard.

* Washed down the dining room table/chairs with Murphy Oil Soap.

* I have a small wooden bench under a window where I keep catalogs/store flyers etc. I thoroughly washed the bench (Murphy Oil Soap again) and washed the floor under it, then thoroughly sorted through the piles of stuff -- threw a lot away and found other homes for most of it. Things look much better there!

That was a lot for me to accomplish along with 5 pages on my writing project and some good work on next week's Sunday School lesson. Thank you, Lord!

And thanks to Carrie for coming up with this challenge!

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