Friday, December 10, 2010

December 9

Yesterday was a super busy day with lots to do both at home and out of the house. I found perhaps an hour or so for crafting on handmade Christmas gifts, and was thankful to have that much time.

And as I sat at my crafting desk working on these projects, I gave thanks to God for the blessing of being able to sit in my warm, lovely home and make things for loved ones. I find so much joy in just sitting at my glass-topped desk with all of the beautiful Christmas cards beneath the glass, tucked into a cozy upstairs dormer nook, and working on special craft projects. I don't take it lightly -- it's a huge blessing from God!


  1. You are right, it is a huge blessing from God to have a warm home and to be able to pursue homemaking crafts and such. I am thankful to God also for those things.

  2. Yes, just a wonderful blessing and I never want to take it for granted. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment!


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