Sunday, December 01, 2013

December 1 -- starting an Advent Bible study

From my collection of vintage Christmas carol books
I'm very excited this morning about the Advent study I'm starting.  The study, "Keeping Our Hearts Focused on Jesus"  is available free from Good Morning Girls*.
Good Morning Girls also offered a free 2-week Thanksgiving study.  (The one for Advent, of course, is a 4-week study.)  I downloaded the study and did it very simply on my own -- studying the suggested Scripture each day using the S.O.A.P [Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer] method.  I found it a real blessing and am looking forward very much to this Advent study.  It always seems to me that December passes too quickly and that, even as a believer, I put too little emphasis on the real "reason for the season" -- celebrating the birth of our Savior.  This year I would love to enjoy every moment of this blessed season.

If you are interested in obtaining this study, too, check it out at  Good Morning Girls. In order to download the study,  you need to first sign up for their emails.  At the bottom of the email there are links to click to start the download.  There's a pretty bookmark you can print out with a chart of the Scripture references to study.  Let me know if you are planning to study these verses, and we can perhaps compare notes in the Comments here at my kitchen table!

* I noticed that some of the study materials on this site use the NIV Bible.  However, the bookmark simply lists references, so you can easily do this study on your own, using your preferred version of the Bible.

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