Friday, December 13, 2013

A Christmas swap!

From my collection of vintage Christmas cards

I will tell more later about our ladies' Christmas fellowship and Yankee swap, because there is much more to tell than just this, but can only take a few minutes today.  I thought I'd just share this interesting tidbit.

My friend Mrs. Doug, who is not only my blog friend but a real-life friend, had done a post this week called "Christmas craftiness" in which she showed pictures of some projects she has been making.  I borrowed her photos of one project because I am having some camera issues right now.  I wasn't really sure if she was making this bag for the Yankee swap, but guessed that she might be.
The photos don't do this beautiful bag justice.  Made from a thrift-store felted sweater in the softest, palest aqua, it is just exquisite.  You can just catch a glimpse of the lining and the handmade macrame handles.

Some of the details.  The embroidery is so beautifully done.
The same day, on my Christmas blog, I posted some pictures of mug mats I'd made which I intended to put in a basket with other goodies for our Yankee swap.  I scanned the mats rather than trying to use the camera, which is why one of the mats is so crooked in the picture.

One of my daughters used this fabric on a Christmas sweatshirt in high school, I think.  The snow globe fabric has been in my stash for years.
 Now here is the funny part.  I believe there were around 30 people at our ladies' Christmas fellowship, and lots of nice gifts were changing hands throughout the course of the Yankee swap.  But I ended up with the gorgeous bag made by Mrs. Doug -- and guess what?  She ended up with the mug mats and basket of items which I had brought to the swap!  So much fun!  I think we were both pleased with the outcome.


  1. What a fun twist! :) That bag is beautiful, and I know she will enjoy your mug rugs!

  2. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Your mug mats are so pretty as are your friend's crafts. I've not heard of a Yankee Swap before. What is it exactly? :-)

  3. Hello, ladies!

    Susan -- it was a fun twist, wasn't it? Mrs. D is so kind, she shared some of the items with a friend who ended up with a gift she couldn't use.

    Mrs. R -- a Yankee swap has other names, I guess, in Canada and other parts of the country. Some just call it a white elephant, I think. Basically, it works like this: everyone brings a wrapped gift. This can be a joke gift, something you have on hand, or whatever. At our swaps most people bring something nice and some bring items they have made, as my friend and I did. So everyone takes a number and sets about opening the gifts one at a time. Person #2 can either keep their gift or can take person #1's gift. Person #3 can keep their own gift or choose from the gifts that #s 1 and 2 have opened. And so on. At the end, Person #1 -- who had no choice up until now -- can select from any of the other people's gifts. It can be quite hilarious!


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