Friday, December 20, 2013

December 20 ~ A small Christmas miracle

Well, it seemed miraculous to me, at least. 

Yesterday I packed the box of Christmas and birthday gifts for our family out West.  That in itself was a miracle on such a busy day -- to have [nearly -- there's still one I have to finish] all the gifts completed, wrapped -- and they all fit in one flat rate box.  It had been a busy day with a lot of time spent out of the house, yet with the Lord's help, this task was accomplished.

Last night it was already after ten when I went to the computer to do the click 'n' print thing -- a great postal service option for paying and printing your shipping label on line.  (Did you know it also saves money to pay online?  It does.  I saved over a dollar on the shipping by doing it this way.)  The label downloads automatically as a pdf.

So I then scheduled a package pickup for this morning -- another great, free option which I just love.  And then I went to print the shipping label.

And it didn't print.  Well, it printed, but it was just unreadable gibberish, because my black ink cartridge was close to finished.  Aargh.  We had just been in Walmart that evening and could have picked up a cartridge if we'd thought.  But even if I'd thought about it, I'd have been pretty sure there was enough ink left to print a label.

So I went to bed and prayed.  Before I went to sleep I had formulated a plan of action.
1) I would try to print the label in a dark color like midnight blue.  If that didn't work,
2) I would go over to Walmart as soon as they opened and buy a cartridge.

When I got up this morning I told Mr. T of my plan.  It sounded good to him, but he had another thought.  He had heard somewhere -- though he thought this tip might have been for toner cartridges in photocopiers -- that if you take the cartridge out and shake it, it might help to get just a bit more ink out of it.

So I did that, then prayed.  Next, I tried printing the label in black.

Hallelujah!  The printout is two-part.  One half of the page is the label; the other half, the directions.  The directions were only faintly readable; the label printed out sharply black and clear!  I shouted, "It's a Christmas miracle!"  And I believe it is.


  1. Isn't the Lord good?! I love stories like this. It seems small in the overall scheme of things, but things that are important to us are important to Him!

  2. Amen! The Lord is indeed good! When I see how much He cares about the minutest details of our lives, I am so blessed and encouraged to trust Him with EVERYthing.


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