Thursday, December 05, 2013

December 5 ~ My "crafting for Christmas" Pinterest board

As anyone who reads my Christmas blog -- Mrs. T's Christmas Kitchen -- well knows, I love crafting for Christmas.  I love making ornaments, in particular, but oh -- I have so little time to do so.  A dream of mine is to have a Christmas shop on Etsy.  Who knows if that will ever come to pass, but I do enjoy Christmas crafting so much.

Years ago, I used to peruse the Country Handcrafts and Crafting Traditions magazines, not to mention my collection of older Christmas magazines, every fall and decide on an ornament or two to make.  I would send off my order to Home-Sew and just have a wonderful time creating.

hot mats
I also love making handcrafted gifts, especially for family, but also for friends and for gift exchanges at church.  I tend to focus on things that are simple and quick to make, since my time is limited.

tea wallet
cloth napkins
teapot wall  hanging
mug mats front and back
So it's really no wonder that I would have an entire Pinterest board titled
 Crafting for Christmas!  If you're looking for some crafting inspiration, you will find plenty of ideas  here.  Enjoy!

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