Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Update for back-on-track homemaking challenge

You probably thought I was never going to post another update ... that the challenge had just fizzled out.  (And you could easily have been right.)  Well, here's a report on how Days 7-18 have gone.

We left off in Zone 4, the bedroom.  On Day 8 I washed the bedspread and also a hand-hooked bedside rug.  Both items needed cleaning badly and both took forever to dry.

On Day 11 I started in Zone 5, the living room.  I threw away a lot of outdated catalogs from a bookcase (with doors) where I keep them.  Needed to make more room for Christmas catalogs!

On Day 12 I did a bunch of dusting, decluttering, vacuuming, and some floor washing in this zone.

On Day 13 I did a bit more dusting and decluttering.  My hubby also rearranged some picture wire on the back of grandkids' picture frames (the school pictures are in a horizontal format this year) to re-hang them on our family photo wall.

On Day 16 Mr. T did some minor mold removal in this room.  I have no idea why we ended up with small spots of mold on some of the window frames, after re-doing all the windows in this room, but it was there.  It's great to have that taken care of.

Day 18 started Zone 1, the front entry, dining room, and porch.  (The porch actually got decluttered and shop-vacced on Day 13, prior to Thanksgiving.)

Now today, Day 19, I am taking down the fall decor in this area and preparing to put up a few Christmas items -- I will need Mr. T's help to get things down from the attic, so that's why I say "a few" Christmas items.  Onward and upward!

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