Saturday, December 07, 2013

December 7 ~ a day of Christmasy things

A favorite little cookbook from my childhood
Yesterday Mr. T unexpectedly had the day off, and we accomplished quite a few Christmasy things, in addition to (on his part) other tasks like making a dump run and fixing the brakes on the car.

I had already made afternoon plans with our daughter who lives nearby for a decorating project we wanted to work on together -- we were each making our own version of the project.  I will hopefully share pictures in the next few days.  While we were crafting I had figured that her three kiddos would probably just play with our toy stash, which they dearly love.  But, since Mr. T was home, he suggested doing some cooking and baking with the kids, so he had them bring their aprons and chef's hats along.  He did make two batches of decadent holiday bark with them, and again, I will tell more about that and share pictures in a future post.

At supper time we picked up our 10-year-old granddaughter who was coming for the weekend.  Due to our very busy afternoon, we took her to Subway for a quick meal.  Over supper, we talked about the rest of the evening and what she might like to do.

Our Christmas trees (pre-lighted) are up and in place, but no ornaments have been added as yet.  So decorating the tree was one option.  Another was baking Christmas cookies, and a  third idea was to play a game (Scrabble® is her favorite!).  So she thought about it and asked if we had put the lighted village under the tree yet.  We hadn't, so she chose to do that and also to bake cookies.  They opted to bake only half the dough and refrigerate the rest, so there was still time for a quick game of Scrabble® -- which she won.  A fun evening!

The cookies they baked were a favorite from my childhood.  You can find the recipe for Chocolate Spritz and the story behind them here.

Over the years we've collected a number of inexpensive lighted houses and, some years, we put five or six of them around the Christmas tree like a little village.  The grandchildren always enjoy seeing that.
Our tree and village in 2006.  Our living room looks much different today.

Last year, the village looked like this.  We bought a new log cabin one after Christmas last year at Tractor Supply, so that is under the tree this year with the others.
That was our day yesterday.  Hope yours was as nice!


  1. Crafting with your daughter, sounds like a lot of fun! And all the other Christmas activities do too!

    I love Christmas villages and you have my mind going about putting one around the tree, if I can find space!

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. The link to it is Hope you've had a good Saturday, Mrs. T!

  2. I really like the Christmas Village and I am hoping that some day I might have the space for one, but no need to collect them now. I will just enjoy looking at them. Have you seen the houses at the Mouse Menagerie? I love that store. I just like looking at all the pretty things.
    Hope you have a great day!

  3. Hi ladies!

    Thanks for joining me at my kitchen table! It's so good to see you both here!

    Mrs. Smith -- it was fun, making this simple project with Carrie. We don't do things like that often enough, but we are both so busy.

    Did you decide to put a Christmas village around your tree?

    Thanks so much for the award nomination. I always appreciate it when someone does something like that, but I don't always have time to do what it takes to fulfill the requirements of nominating other people. I know you'll understand if I can't get to doing that.

    Mrs. Doug -- I too hope that someday you can have space for a village (and other nice things). I was just praying for you this morning! In the meantime, if you want to come peek in the windows of my village, you are welcome.

    I haven't been to Mouse Menagerie in years. Nice shop, though! Most of my lighted houses came from Jo-Ann's in years past. We did get the log cabin at Tractor Supply as it brought memories of our time at Back Lake in Pittsburg.

    Have a lovely day, both of you!


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