Tuesday, December 03, 2013

December 3 ~ December plans

My friend Susan, over at By Grace</>, is doing a series called "December Daily" where she is posting every day this month.  Yesterday, she posted about the December plans she and her hubby have made so far.  It was very interesting, especially an event that their church has called "Christmas ... Family Style."  It sounds like fun!

Our plans are not all in place yet, but we do have a few things on the December calendar so far.

This weekend is the hometown holiday parade in our town.  We don't always get to this, but it's a fun event.

Next Tuesday, December 10 is our church's annual ladies' Christmas fellowship.  It's always a festive time that starts the season off right for many ladies. 

On Friday evening, December 13, we plan to take our oldest granddaughters to a musical version of "A Christmas Carol" at the Christian high school our kids attended.  We're all looking forward to that!

Sunday afternoon, December 15 is our Patch the Pirate Club's Christmas presentation -- just like the club at Susan's church, they are doing one song and one Christmas carol.  It's a challenging one!

And Sunday afternoon, December 22 is going to be our church gift exchange and fellowship.  We draw names and get small gifts for those whose name we draw, and many families also hand out Christmas cards at that time.  We have refreshments and a simple devotional.

Those are all the plans we have made so far, but I know other events are in the planning stages ... my hubby's work Christmas party, an ice-cream-sundae date with 3 of our grandchildren, and a possible breakfast get-together with friends, to name just a few.  I love this time of year!


  1. It sounds like an eventful December Mrs T....ours is going to be a busy one as well. I guess that is what makes the season so much fun. I am having a little party here at my home for the ladies in our Sunday School Class then we have our big class party later in the week. We are also getting a new grandson tomorrow so another December birthday to celebrate in the Grimm family!

  2. It will be "event-full", Arlene! Our plans for the 13th (taking the girls to a musical) may be changing, as one of them has a field trip to Boston that day and won't get back until after we have to leave. We will see!

    Your ladies' Sunday School class party at your home sounds like such fun. I keep thinking I would like to have a party -- maybe a brunch or cookie swap, for my Sunday School ladies. I think about this every December, but it has yet to happen!

    And how exciting about the new grandchild!! Keep us all posted with pictures, name, and so on as you can!

  3. Sounds like you have a full month ahead, too! The Patch Club songs for this month are both a little challenging, aren't they? The Christmas song is a little tough for our kids because it goes so high - but it's good for them to stretch their wings a little, too.

    Enjoy your busy month! And thanks for doing this along with me!

  4. Hi Susan -- yes, a full month of festive events, and there are several other things thrown into the mix, too, mostly eldercare responsibilities.

    Yes, I agree both Patch Club songs are challenging. I'm not involved with it, other than hearing our granddaughters practice, practice, practice singing with the CD on the way to church. I can't even read music, but even I can tell these are hard. I thought, though, that the first song of the year -- "The Armor of God" -- was the hardest. Our kids did very well with it, though.

    And thanks for encouraging others to do "December Daily" along with you. It's been fun so far. I've been enjoying your posts. And I've noticed that Carrie, at Life on a Back Road, has been posting nearly every day as well.


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