Thursday, March 15, 2007

Writing Countdown Challenge, Day 47

I'm very thankful to the Lord for a productive day today, even though I'm still fighting a bad cold and had many other things to do as well. Praise the Lord, I did get my quota of 3 pages written, and even had time to do some further Internet research as well.

Number of pages still to write: 132.


  1. Still praying for your health to be 100% once again. You have the "keep on keeping on" spirit despite feeling unwell. We had a guy test drive the Jeep today and he seemed very interested. He said that he would call back later. I know that the Lord will continue guide our footsteps. Have a wonderful Friday:).

  2. Thanks for your prayers, Rachel!

    Glad to hear you've had a "nibble" on the jeep -- and know that the Lord will sell it in His time.

    God bless,


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