Saturday, October 17, 2015

A few more autumn dishes

Today I am going to show you just a few more of my autumn dishes.  These are mostly photos I have taken in the past, with one notable addition which I will put in a separate post.  The pitcher above is not as old as it looks.  It was a gift from my mother some years back.  I think she found it in a Williams-Sonoma catalog.
 The grape dish above definitely is vintage and belonged to my mother.  See the matching spoon?  The spoon peeks out of an opening between the dish and lid to form a stem for the grapes!  You can see it at left in the photo below if you look closely.

This is a tiny leaf dish someone gave me.  It's about the right size to use for a tea bag holder, but I can't imagine its intended use other than that.
My daughter and son-in-law gave me this pretty spoon rest.  I love using it every fall.
 The teacup above is one that I bought at a yard sale years ago.  I spent less than $1 for it, I know.  It has the Canadian flag on the other side of the teacup, but I always turn it to the back when I display it for fall, because it detracts from the pretty leaves.  Turns out this teacup is Royal Albert Canada From Sea to Sea.  
The sugar bowl above was a gift from my daughter.  Love it!
 A friend just recently gifted me with a number of these pretty birds which are salt and pepper shakers.  These two fit right in on my fall hutch!
I like to display these Fiesta ware salt and pepper shakers, which are very vintage indeed, in fall.  The colors, especially the orange, are just perfect for the season.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing these fun fall dishes!


  1. Looks as if you have some majolica influences here. So much fun to have so many seasonal pieces. I always like your hutch vignettes with the Susan Branch books. Are you folks expecting snow tonight?

  2. Thanks, Vee! As I mentioned (I think) in an earlier post, for many years I didn't have much fall decor. Now I do -- and some things, like the grapes and the fiesta ware, are not fall things at all but work well with them. Glad you enjoy the hutch vignettes. I have so much fun with them.

    No, I just checked the forecast and snow is not in it, only clouds. I heard some places in Maine and Vermont were getting snow. We have been at the Wilds of New England for a couples' retreat and just got back tonight. It was cold down there (Deering Center, NH) and did actually spit snow for a few minutes. Wonderful time, though!

  3. Good morning Mrs. T,
    You have some wonderful autumnal pieces to enjoy this time of year. I have never been one to decorate for Fall very much because once our October Thanksgiving is over we are all thinking about Christmas! Your teacup is a lovely one to have. The little leaf is perfect for a tea bag holder; very cute! Thank you for sharing with us and coming to tea today and have a beautiful day.

    Autumn blessings,

  4. You inspired me to put up some fall stuff. The little ones do love to stop and look at them. :) I have some Cinnamon wax melts burning in the kitchen and the feeling is sooo fallish. :) The woodstove burning and soon to be pumpkin bread or muffins baking. I LOVE this time of year.

  5. Hi: Your have a perfect collection of Fall dishes. Love the tea cup. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  6. Hello, ladies!

    Sandi -- thank you for stopping by! You know, I never thought about how in Canada thoughts turn to Christmas after your October Thanksgiving. Logical, though! Glad you enjoyed my autumn dishes! Your tea time was so pretty this week.

    Nikki -- I am so glad I inspired you to put up some fall things. Children truly do notice seasonal touches and I think it is a good reminder for them of how God created seasons. It must have smelled truly wonderful in your kitchen today! My favorite time of year too! I've been having fun with my daily October posts.

  7. What a lovely teacup! I instinctively thought of Canada when I saw the pretty maple leaf designs.

  8. Thanks, Margie! As you can see, it is indeed a Canadian teacup -- meant to represent Canada, anyway. I don't think I have a photo showing the flag side of the teacup, but the flag is not a true red like the real Canadian flag. It is more like the red in the maple leaves on the cup. I am always amazed when I remember that I found this teacup at a yard sale for less than $1.

  9. Martha -- I'm so sorry that I never replied to your nice comment. Just today, I found a half dozen or more unpublished comments in my Blogger dashboard. They are supposed to come to my email for moderation, but for whatever reason, these did not. Thank you for stopping by to see my fall dishes! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and that you'll stop by my kitchen table again!


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