Thursday, October 15, 2015

In my view...

Every time I come or go from our driveway, whether in a vehicle or on foot, I notice how pretty our roadside trees are looking.  Our camera still isn't working properly so I just took these photos by aiming my Kindle toward the treetops!  If you click on the picture you will notice a variety of colors, from yellow to orange to red to burgundy and even pink and green.

Sometimes when I walk to the mailbox, I will spy a perfect leaf or two, or one that is so unusual (like this "plaid" leaf I found last year!)

that I just have to bring them inside and scan them.  Well, I bring them inside.  Sadly, I don't always remember to scan them.  I often will set them on the hutch or somewhere and forget about them until they have curled up and are un-scannable.  Here are two that I did remember!
A red maple leaf
A yellow oak leaf
And here is one more view of the colorful treetops:

Hope you have enjoyed this October view from our driveway!  We certainly have been!


  1. Beautiful! What a great idea to scan them. i'm gonna remember that.

  2. Lots of color variety in your driveway sampler. Have you heard of the folks selling three autumn leaves for $20? =D

  3. Hi ladies!

    Tori -- yes, scanning them works perfectly. If you want a different sort of background than the white which your scanner will show, you could always put a sheet of scrapbook paper or piece of fabric, right side down on top of the leaf. I've not tried that, but it should work.

    Vee -- yes, there is a variety of color in that little space, isn't there? Seems to me I DID hear something about leaves being sold for a crazy price. Are they preserving them in some way?


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