Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October surprise

This was a real surprise, something I spotted at my dad's on October 14, believe it or not.  Roses!

I was about to get into my car in preparation for leaving his place, when I happened to glance back.  There's a field adjacent to his house, with part of a weathered fence still in place. This is what I saw:

I had to run back and capture a few photos with the Kindle.  This is in a little corner area just adjacent to the field and what's left of the fence.  You can just glimpse the field to the left of the photo.  My mother had a little flower garden in this corner space and the roses are really all that's left of it now.

Years ago when my daughters were at boarding school, there were rose bushes in front of their dorm and one year the roses bloomed in September.  The girls all enjoyed that surprise so much.  I think roses in October are even more surprising! 

Here are just a couple more pictures.  I was aiming to capture the dew or raindrops -- whichever it was -- on the rose petals.  If you click on the pictures to enlarge, you'll see that I succeeded somewhat.

Hope you've enjoyed this October surprise as much as I did!


  1. Sweet, sweet surprise! I am hoping that I will have a similar surprise one day soon, if the temp remains moderate...lots of buds. Your photo captured roses and raindrops and lots of lovely autumn colors.

  2. Wow, how nice that your roses have lots of buds! We did have a couple of nights here where the temps dipped to around 25º. I hope that temps will remain moderate in your area so you will have a similar surprise!

    Thanks for your sweet words about the photo ... I am always surprised at how much detail one gets with the Kindle photos (in spite of my ineptitude). I didn't really expect that.

  3. Beautiful. What a nice treat. The leaves behind them are beautiful to. Would make a nice painting.

  4. Wow, it would make a nice painting, wouldn't it? Too bad I don't have talent in that direction! Yes, it was a nice surprise. Kind of a little treat, as you said, for going there daily.


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